The Talent Consortium is a service organization that focuses in Talent Management and Learning Solutions. We enable individuals, teams and organizations to achieve performance and business results. 

Our Organization is dedicated to maximizing your talent potential by providing exceptional service in the following core functions:


The Talent Consortium utilizes the collective minds and talents of experts with industry specific know how to provide customized and sustainable performance-based solutions.

Our consultative approach: to customizing your solution includes, the following 5 phased approach:

Phase 1 - Discovery – The Talent Consortium develops innovative and integrated talent management and learning solutions which are vetted on a solid understanding of your business needs, operations, policies & procedures and human capital resources.  During this information exchange phase we will be collaborative and transparent.

Phase 2 - Needs Analysis and Data Collection – With every person or organization, The Talent Consortium collaborates and conducts a thorough training needs assessments (gap analysis) to cover all facets of your performance and business solution.

Phase 3 - Design and Develop – After completing a thorough analysis, The Talent Consortium experts recommend a blend of academic theories and proven practical applications to transfer knowledge and change behaviour. This turn key solution is aligned with measuring performance and training effectiveness.

Phase 4 - Implementation and Delivery – With an approved design and result based plan in position, The Talent Consortium is your trusted partner in implementing your talent management and learning solutions by utilizing current project management methodologies, ongoing collaboration with our collective minds of experts and change management strategies. We are personally vested in building your performance and business results.

Phase 5 - Evaluate and Sustain – At every step, The Talent Consortium evaluates realistic options for your total solution that is measured toward your performance and business results.

The Talent Consortium is accepting resumes from industry experts in business, human resources, learning and organizational effectiveness. Click here to join our team.