Today’s business environment is complex and competitive. It’s essential that organizations attract, train, retain, develop and manage talent to meet performance and business expectations.

When preparing for the future of your career, coaching is a valuable investment.


~Recent survey by The Hay Group, an International Human Resources Consultancy Firm

The Talent Consortium is committed to your success by providing the “best in breed” expertise to enhance your individual or business performance through a proven and structured support process designed to get you where you need to be in your career.

Our coaching methodology is a proven and impactful way to ensure performance and business results are achieved.  We blend customizable solutions to include psychometric assessments and structured plans, guides, checklists, and coaching techniques to build your customized program. Achieving the end goal starts with setting short term objectives and being open to your own self development. We offer the following coaching solutions to enable your performance and business results:


The Talent Consortium recommends this structure for those aspiring to sustain high performance in a senior management or “C Suite” Position.

This process includes: assessments, customized 1:1 executive coaching, resume review and networking strategies.


The Talent Consortium recommends this structure for those seeking alternative options for career advancement or transition.

This process includes: assessments, customized 1:1 career coaching, resume review and networking strategies.


Mentoring through a structured and easy to execute plan will ensure both professional and personal development is achieved for both the Mentor and Mentee (Protégée).

The Talent Consortium has a proven formula that matches mentees and mentors with applying carefully selected questions, assessments and criteria to support your performance and business outcomes.

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