The Talent Consortium understands today’s competitive marketplace and desire to attract, mentor and retain top talent.  Sustaining this transaction will be imperative to achieving organizational goals, deliver results and develop your human capital.

With our industry experts, community of best practices and wide network of professionals, we recruit in all facets of the Human Resources, Training and Organizational Effectiveness functions.

The Talent Consortium is committed to finding the right person/candidate or organization/company:


  • Permanent Consultants (hired as a permanent FTE)
  • Temporary Consultants (hired as a contract employee)


The Talent Consortium ensures each/every candidate matches your qualification criteria and your organization’s corporate culture.  Our proven success with behavioural and situational interviews combined with experienced recruiters gives a best in class selection process.

We provide additional psychometric assessments to determine key traits and culture fit.

Our rates are competitive and follow our mission to ensure we aspire to be the most valued talent management and learning solutions consulting provider for individual candidates and our clients.

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